"Be the Church" Roundtables

Are you coming to General Synod in Baltimore next summer? Is there a church-related subject you are passionate about that you’d love to lead a discussion on with other UCC people?

A limited number of 30-minute "Be the Church" Roundtable discussions will be offered in the Exhibit Hall at General Synod, June 30-July 4, in Baltimore, MD.

Here’s your chance to apply to lead a "Be the Church" Roundtable discussion! You will moderate a discussion on a subject of your choice that you believe is of interest to UCC delegates and visitors at Synod. You’ll be asked to give a brief introduction to your topic and then facilitate the conversation. The purpose is to share, listen, and learn.

Here are some examples of potential roundtables:

1. When "They" is Singular: Gender and the Church
2. Helping Without Hurting: Saying No to Performative Allyship
3. Social Media "Ask Me Anything"
4. The (Mostly) United Church of Christ: How do we unite our denomination despite differences in theological, political and social views?

"Be the Church" Roundtable leaders must be registered for General Synod and must complete an application form. Roundtables will be limited to 30 minutes in length. No audiovisual equipment will be available. You will be notified by May 30 if your Roundtable topic has been chosen.

Please submit your proposal for a "Be the Church" Roundtable today! Deadline for proposals is April 30, 2017. Fill out the application to submit your proposal here: